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Broken Planet Basics Midnight T-shirt Original price was: £250.00.Current price is: £99.00.
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Broken Planet Lost in Space Hoodie Original price was: £275.00.Current price is: £135.00.

Broken Planet Basics Outer Space Blue T-Shirt

Original price was: £250.00.Current price is: £99.00.

(6 customer reviews)

Experience the perfect fusion of style and comfort with our Broken Planet Basics Outer Space Blue T-Shirt exclusively available on the official Broken Planet Hoodie website. This T-shirt is a must-have addition to your wardrobe, offering unparalleled quality and a stylish design that stands out.

Why Choose Broken Planet Basics Outer Space Blue T-Shirt?

  • Premium Material
  • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL
  • Versatile Sizes
  • Easy Care
  • Seasonal Versatility
  • Top Quality Print
  • Lightweight Comfort
  • Stylish Casual Design
  • Hand Washable

Your Go-To Choice for Casual Style

Whether paired with a Broken Planet tracksuit for a complete look or combined with your favorite jeans for a casual outing, the BPM Cosmic Hub Brown T-Shirt is your go-to choice for a relaxed yet fashionable style. With free and fast shipping worldwide and a 50% discount, there’s never been a better time to add this exceptional piece to your collection.

6 reviews for Broken Planet Basics Outer Space Blue T-Shirt

  1. Sophie Turner

    Sophie Turner here! I recently got this product, and it’s an absolute gem. The fit is perfect, and the celestial design adds a touch of magic to my everyday style. Highly recommend!

  2. Mia Foster

    The broken planet T-shirt is my new favorite. The fit is flattering, and the fabric feels luxurious. It’s the kind of shirt that perfectly balances comfort and fashion.

  3. Ava Patel

    Ava Patel here! Just wanted to share my thoughts on the Essential Elegance T-shirt – it’s truly a game-changer. The quality is exceptional, and the timeless design adds versatility for various occasions. The perfect blend of comfort and style. This addition to my wardrobe has me absolutely delighted!

  4. Liam Rodriguez

    The Heritage T-Shirt from is a must-have for casual days. The fabric is soft, and the fit is just right. It’s the kind of T-shirt you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again for its comfort and style.

  5. Olivia Clark

    Hello, it’s Olivia Clark checking in! The Midnight Mirage Broken Planet Basics Outer Space Blue T-Shirt has quickly become my top choice for nighttime comfort. The fabric’s incredible softness combined with the subtle yet intriguing midnight-inspired design make it just perfect for a comfy and stylish bedtime ensemble.

  6. Jamesanderson

    Hey there, I’m James Anderson! I’ve got to tell you, the Broken Planet blue T-Shirt is now my absolute favorite. The quality is seriously top-notch, and the contemporary design gives it that extra edge. It’s one of those shirts that just nails the perfect blend of comfort and style, creating a laid-back yet totally fashionable vibe.

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